The Conclusion of Ar-Rasheed Debating Competition.

Ar-Rashedd Modern Schools have concluded the Competition of Debating, which was being cooperated with the Debating Club, University of Sciences and Technology. The winner of this competition was the boys branch. Mr. Faisal Azzubairy, the Chairman of Board of Directors, Mr. Khalid Qahtan, the General Manager of the schools, Mr. Ibrahem Azzan, person in charge of activities in the University of Sciences and Technology, and parents of the students, have presented the occasion.

Then the final competition between boys branch students and Haddah branch students has been run, when the boys branch won the competition. The school rewarded the participants in the competition.

The core point is that the school trained more than fifty  students on doing debates over the branches, Boys, girls, English and Haddah. Then the competition started between them, two teams got the final.

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